Allium Blossoms Stencil 15cm x 15cm
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City Buildings Stencil 15cm x 15cm

City Buildings Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Allium Blossoms Stencil 15cm x 15cm

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Allium Blossoms Stencil for use with Glass Powders

The Allium Blossoms Stencil is ideal for floral decoration and can work with multiple colours. Stencils are a good way to add detailed imagery and shapes to your glass art.

This stencil is 15cm x 15cm.


Use a powder sifter to sift a thin layer of powder over the stencil onto a light coloured background glass. Use as little powder as possible so you can lift the stencil off easily without smudging. It should not be necessary to use glue. Fire your glass as normal. Stencils work best on the top layer of glass, they can be sandwiched in between layers but the image won’t be as crisp after firing.

Our stencils are also suitable for other craft uses (including card making and decorating) as they can be used with paint, ink, chalk and more.

Use strong coloured Bullseye powders with our stencils. Colours we recommend include Black (0100.08), Deep Red (0224.08), Red (0124.08), Tomato Red (0024.08), Orange Opal (0125.08), Dark Forest Green (0141.08), Jade Green (0145.08), Steel Blue Opal (0146.08), Deep Cobalt Blue (0147.08), Midnight Blue (1118.08), Aventurine Blue (1140.08), Deep Royal Purple (1128.08) & Dark Rose Brown (1109.08).

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Customer Questions
What is this stencil made of??

The stencils are made of tough flexible plastic that can lie flat or round slight curves if needed.

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