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Black Glassline Pen for glass fusing applications. 

Black is the ultimate 'must have' when it comes to lining and shading your pieces.

They are simple in design, easy to use and can be thinned with water.

Use with the tip set for accurate drawing and writing, or simply use exactly like paints, applying with a brush.

The pens may be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look.

The pens may also be sprayed to create subtle shading variations.

Compatible with all most types of glass including float, CoE90 and CoE96.  Glassline pens fire to a full fuse temperature of 790ºC to 820ºC.

2oz bottles. Glassline paints are lead free and food safe. ?

Example piece made using Glassline pens, by Megan O'Hara:

Glassline example piece - bridge


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Customer Questions
I was wondering if you've tried underfiring your Glassline pens. E.g. if I applied dots and fused at a lower temperature, would I get a risen dot. I can achieve this effect with these: if I underfire, but wondered if I could achieve the same effect with your pens.

You can fire them at a tack fuse temperature and they might retain some texture if you were to make a dot but they tend to also have a chalkier appearance at tower temperatures. I would recommend sprinkling a fine layer of clear powder over before...

I am after a black paint that will fire at 730 / 740 C to a gloss. Does the glassine pen fire to a glossy black? Do I need to fire at a particular temperature to get a glossy black? Many thanks

Screenline Black Enamel has a firing range from 660 - 804 which would suit you better for lower firings: The hotter you fire the enamels and glassline the glossier they are. (8...

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