Reactive Ice Clear Powder 1009.08
2mm Reactive Cloud Stringers 0009

Bullseye Stringers: 2mm Reactive Cloud Opal 0009

Reactive Cloud Opal Powder Frit 0009.08

Bullseye Glass Frit: Reactive Cloud Opal Powder Frit 0009.08

Bullseye Glass Frit: Reactive Ice Clear Powder 1009.08

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Bullseye Reactive Clear Transparent Powder Frit. 
Reactive GlassThis colourless clear has the potential to react with some copper-bearing glasses and silver leaf and foil.  Interface reactions may develop, ranging from subtle to dramatic, generally in an earthy, rustic colour palette. 

Bullseye frit is made from crushed, screened and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass. Available in a huge variety of colours, frit gives the opportunity to add a unique element to your glass work. Frits are extremely versatile and can be used in kilnforming, including glass sketch and painting with light techniques, as well as in torch working and blowing, to create colours and patterns on surfaces. Also available in a Fine, Medium or Coarse form. 

May React With:

Copper, Silver

Working Notes:

Easily confused with 1101. Reactive combinations have the potential to create an interface colour, which may continue to develop through multiple firings. Copper-based reactions tend to be variations of deep red to black, while silver based reactions are more likely to develop as earth tones. Reactions are generally related to the amount of copper and silver content, heatwork and surface area contact.


Looking for inspiration? Take a look at how other artists have used powders in their work in these videos.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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