Bullseye Glastac Fusing Gel
Bullseye Glastac Fusing Gel Bullseye Glastac Fusing Gel Bullseye Glastac Fusing Gel
Dust Mask, Professional (by 3M)

Dust Mask, Professional (by 3M). Includes Filter Set

Black Sharpie Glass Marking Pen - Fine

Black Sharpie Pen

Bullseye Glastac Fusing Gel

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Tacks glass pieces and inclusions in place prior to firing.  This thicker version of regular Glastac Glue has a 'tackier' feel but still burns out cleanly on firing:
  • Holds its applied shape well (you can also apply it with a paint brush).
  • Organic colourant lets you see where you've put it on clear glass but it burns out once fired.
  • Makes calligraphic powder lines easy.
  • Stays sticky longer, giving you more working time.
  • Tacks sheet to sheet with great holding power so you can move projects sooner.

Available in an easy to use 120ml (4 fl. oz) applicator bottle or a large 950ml refill bottle (32 fl. oz).

Looking for inspiration?  Take a look at our Bullseye Linear Reactions Plate video.

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Customer Questions
Please can you tell me if this contains any animal products Thank you

Bulleye have confirmed to us that this does not contain any animal products. The ingredients are all plant-derived. 

Can this glue be used if fusing window glass?

Yes, you can use Glastac when fusing with float (window) glass.

Is there any problem with waiting a few days between applying the gel and firing the kiln?

No, there is no problem with waiting before firing. 

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