1mm Light Cyan Stringers 0216

Bullseye Stringers: 1mm Light Cyan Opal 0216

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Bullseye Stringers: 1mm Tomato Red 0024

Bullseye Stringers: 2mm Light Cyan Opal 0216

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2mm Bullseye Light Cyan Opalescent Stringers.  

Reactive GlassA cool, fresh cyan blue opal.  

Bullseye compatible glass stringers - 2mm diameter.

Standard Pack : Contains a minimum of 12 stringers

Economy Pack : Contains a minimum of 50 stringers

Stringers, threads of glass pulled from remelted Bullseye compatible sheet, can be used for lines or patterns in 2 or 3 dimensional kilnformed or torchworked projects. Bend with a candle or use straight from the tube.

Approximately 44cm long.



May react with:

Selenium, Sulphur

Working notes: 

At slumping temperatures and low-tack fusing temperatures (1150-1250°F/621-677°C), grey clouding may occur (similar to Steel Blue 0146), especially where contamination from oils and/or cleaner is left behind during the cleaning process. Solution: cap this colour with clear or test for each specific application. The clouding can be erased from an uncapped piece by capping with clear glass and firing to a full fuse.

Looking for inspiration?  Take a look at our 'What is Kiln Glass' video to learn about the techniques and types of objects you can create with kiln glass.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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