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Printmaking Techniques on Glass

Printmaking Techniques on Glass

Cobalt Glass Enamel

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Cobalt opaque Sunshine enamel is an eye catching blue that instantly draws people's attention. These colours have excellent processing characteristics in all conventional decorating methods like screen printing, lining and banding, spraying as well as hand painting.

Certain colours can be mixed with each other, more info on this can be found in the downloadable PDF under the product image.

These enamels can be used in the kiln, in front of the flame, at the furnace or in combination and can be used with any type of glass.

The firing range for the enamels is 750 - 810 degrees C and therefore can be used in a full range of kilnwork.

Please note these enamels are in powder form, you can purchase either oil based or water based mixing medium separately.

Sunshine enamels should be stored in a dry place.

If using on ceramics, this colour comes out as a more purple hue.

For some inspiration on using enamels with glass, take a look here at the images on our Facebook page from our 'Floating Images' course in March 2013.

Health & Safety: Avoid breathing fine dusts. Ventilate work area. Wear an FFP3 or P3 mask. Clean with a HEPA vacuum. Gloves advised.

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Customer Questions
can the enamel powders be used alongside glassine? Can they be mixed? Do they need to be sandwiched between sheets of glass or can they be fired on the top of tekta?

The enamels can be used alongside the Glassline. We have had success mixing them but please test before comitting to a final piece.  You can fire these enamels on top of the glass and they give a nice finish that way.

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