Light Amber Trans Coarse Frit 1437.03

Bullseye Glass Frit: Light Amber Trans Coarse Frit 1437.03

20cm Yellow and Red Streaky pre-cut glass circle (2125)

Bullseye Glass Circle: 3mm Yellow and Red Streaky 2125 (20cm)

Daffodil Bubble Pen

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Here presents a must have for anyone trying to convey a sense of spring in their art.

Glassline Bubble Pens are water based and develop microbubbles when sandwiched between sheets of glass, that can also be used for lining and shading glass.

These simple pens may be painted, drawn or sprayed to create subtle shading variations.

A metal tip set is highly recommended to achieve fine lines.  The tip set consists of one each of the following size tips: bold, medium, and fine. These tips are placed on the end of the applicator bottle to achieve a variety of line widths.

To further your creative edge Glassline may be sprayed through an airbrush. Simply thin with a small amount of water and spray onto the glass. This allows you to apply a smooth coating without any brush strokes. Once the Glassline has dried you can scratch areas off exposing the colour of the glass.

All the Glassline pens are compatible with all types of glass including float, CoE90 and CoE96.  Glassline pens fire to a full fuse temperature of 790ºC to 820ºC.

15 different bubble pens available in 2oz bottles and all are lead free and food safe once fired.

Please note Bubble pens need thinning with water otherwise cracks may appear in your glass. Please follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.

The picture shows bubble pen on white, clear and black glass capped with clear. 


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