Freeze & Fuse Mould: Sunflower

Freeze & Fuse Mould: Sunflower

Rimless Bowl Mould (22cm diameter x 3.2cm)

Rimless Bowl Mould 8455 (22cm diameter x 3.2cm)

Freeze & Fuse Mould: Lovebirds and Hearts

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Bring a warming dose of energy to your work with this Lovebirds and Hearts mould for Freeze & Fuse pieces. 

Experiment with layering or mixing different powder colours to get unique effects!

Dimensions: 4 designs, smallest 2cm x 1.4cm, largest 4.2cm x 3.2cm. Mould is approximately 9.7cm x 7cm.

Freeze & Fuse is an amazing micro-casting technique, using Bullseye Glass Powders to create small and intricate castings. Use our exciting range of Freeze & Fuse moulds to create three-dimensional objects without complicated firing schedules, in any size kiln. Fused pieces can be used on their own or as components for larger projects. Watch our video guide or see our PDF instructions to get started!

Please note: Always wear a dust mask when using glass powders for your safety. These moulds are made of flexible silicone and cannot be fired in a kiln.


 Make sure you don’t leave your moulds in the freezer overnight, as this will dry the pieces out.


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Customer Questions
Hi, it would be great if a description of what material these moulds are made from was included. Are they flexible silicone moulds?

Hi, yes they are flexible silicone moulds for freezing powder for Freeze and Fuse - please don't put them in your kiln!

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