Glassline Paper - GPK82

Glassline Paper - GPK82

Glassline Paper - GPK54

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This set of Glassline Paper is packed full of natural tones ranging from blacks to pale yellows, that are fusible and designed to be fired between layers of glass.

It's easy to cut with scissors or can also be torn to achieve a ragged edge.

This kit contains:

  • 5 different colours- aqua, graphite, honey, pewter and walnut...

  • ... in 3 different textures- splatter, plain and crinkle. with...

  • ...15 sheets EITHER 6.5cm x 6.5cm or 13cm x 13cm.

It can be used with any CoE of glass.

Piece made with Glassline Paper and Glassline Pens:

The sample schedule in the Glassline pdf is in Fahrenheit. We have found the schdule below works well with Bullseye glass (in Celsius):
Segment  Rate Temp. Hold
1 139C/hr  538C  4 hours
2 139C/hr 800C 15 mins
3 999 482C 1 hour
4 83C/hr 371C end
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Customer Questions
There are 3 dark greys in this pack - the picture shows distinctly black and this is also stated in the description. Will they go much blacker when put through the inclusion process please? I need them to be black not grey.

These papers do indeed fire darker in the kiln, so the colour will deepen to be much closer to black, but be aware that Glassline describe the colour as 'graphite' rather than 'black' in their brochure.

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