Loctite Double Bubble Epoxy

Loctite Double Bubble Epoxy

Silver Plated Triangle Earring Blanks (14.5 x 3.7mm)

Silver Plated Triangle Earring Blanks (14.5 x 3.7mm)

Heat Resistant Fusing Hooks

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Heat Resistant Hooks - perfect for hanging small fused pieces.  

These thin metal hooks are made of heat resistant metal that can be fired in a kiln up to about 1000C without melting.  The are ideal for sandwiching between two layers of glass to create a small hanging tile or pendant.  

Approximately 50 per pack.

Each hook is roughly 19mm in length and 0.7mm in diameter.

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Customer Questions
Can I use this between 2 pieces of glass on a fire polish setting or does in need to be a tack fuse? Using bullseye glass.

A fire polish fires to a similar temperature to a tack fuse (a fire polish for Bullseye is usually around 760-780C). Both should be fine if the wire is well into the glass and on at least a fairly high tack such as 760C, but a full fuse would be ideal.

Please can you tell me what colour the heat resistant hooks are after firing

 The Heat Resistant Fusing Hooks fire to a blackened colour.

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