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Kiln Bung for Paragon SC2

Kiln Bung for Paragon SC2

Hotline Wash-Away - Kiln Wash Remover (8oz)

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Wash-Away Shelf Primer Remover - Removes shelf primer from glass.

This kiln wash remover is a must have in your studio! Hotline Wash-Away easily removes shelf primer from fused glass projects.  

Simply apply undiluted to the baked-on primer and lightly scrub with a non-metallic scouring pad, this should remove even the most stubborn residue.  

We would recommend using safety glasses, gloves and a FFP3 or NIOSH approved mask.  

Bottle size: 8oz (227ml)

Please note, this wash is just for using on glass and not for removing shelf primer from your moulds or kiln shelf. 


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