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Large Floral Former Mould

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Large Floral Former Stainless Steel Mould

This drape mould is the big brother to the small floral former, great for making larger decorative fused glass vases, dishes or pendant lights.  Made of durable stainless steel that allows for multiple firings. 

18cm high, 8.9cm wide at top and 5.08cm wide at bottom. The glass should be a maximum of 30cm x 30cm unless the mould is set on props.

We recommend using Boron Nitride spray with this mould (aerosol NOT pump spray).

See the Firing Guide download for a firing schedule (the drape mould schedule). Please note that the schedule is in Fahrenheit. Alternatively, use the following schedule for Bullseye Glass:

Segment Rate (C/hr) Temp. Hold
1 167C 650C 0:10
2 999 482C 1:00
3 53C 371C 0:00

Will this mould fit in my kiln?

Important: This former will only fit in kilns with an internal height greater than 25cm. It may need to be placed directly on the base of the kiln not on props to ensure the glass is at least 6cm from the roof of the kiln. If the mould is less than 10cm from the roof of the kiln, the glass will also be quite close to the elements making it vulnerable to thermal shock therefore we would recommend slowing down the initial ramp rate to 100°c/hr and only slumping 3mm thick pieces on it (this thickness works better with drape moulds anyway). 

As an alternative for creating vases, try our range of drop out rings, or the Mini Lamp Bender Mould.

All our moulds are designed for multiple use and with care should last for many firings.

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Customer Questions
do you pre-fire stainless steel moulds

It is a good itea to pre-fire stainless steel moulds to the draping temperature, before adding Boron Nitride and firing with the glass. This burns off any oils from the mould. Please note that the mould will discolour on firing. This is normal.

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