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NO Days Powder Wafer Sheet - a simple way to create your own intricate powder wafers. 

NO Days Powder Wafer sheets are an easy and effective way for fused glass artists to create intricate designs with powders and frit using an adhesive sheet, eliminating extra firing and avoiding having to use extra tools or specialised materials. The sheet is 30.5cm x 30.5cm and is easy to cut to your own design.

What is a powder wafer? Powder wafers are thin 'crisps' of fired glass which can be added to a glass piece before final firing and are useful for creating complex designs in a piece. The technique was originally developed by glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow. Normally powder wafers are created by sifting glass powder directly onto a kiln shelf and firing. A powder printing screen and stencil can be used to create intricate details. NO Days Powder wafers sheets allow you to create complex detail without the need for powder printing and your wafer can be fired directly onto your glass piece without pre-firing. 

How do I use the NO Days Powder Wafer Sheet? The sheet can be used to make patterns directly onto the glass to be fired (direct method) or to make powder wafers which can be added to a glass piece later (indirect method). In both cases you just cut the sheet using a craft knife, scissors or craft stamps to the pattern you want before covering with powder and heating to fix the powder in place. Excess powder can then be collected and used again to minimise waste. The sheet come with full instructions (see the PDF). 

Benefits of NO Days Powder Wafer Sheets:

  • Tack powder and fine frit in detailed wafer designs to glass immediately
  • Easy to cut using scissors, craft knife, stamp cutters or cutting machine
  • Save time, money and energy by eliminating extra firings
  • Cut detailed designs without wasting extra glass powder
  • Non-toxic and easy to use
  • 30.5cm x 30.5cm (12" x12") sheet size convenient for cutting machine mats and designed for use in a standard sized kiln

Firing Schedule:

Segment Rate (C/hr) Temp. Hold


1 83 149C 45mins
2 139 316C 45mins
3 139 538C 45mins
4 222 677C 30mins
5 333 804C 10mins
6 999  482C 60mins
7 83 371C -

The first 3 segments are to fully burn out the binders in the wafers to prevent devitrification and distortion.  The schedule continues as a normal full fuse.  If you require a tack fuse for your glass project then please adjust accordingly. 

To make your own powder wafer cut-outs, simply place your design under the powder wafer sheet and trace the design using a fine tip felt marker or just free-hand.  Then using scissors or a craft knife cut the design out of the sheet (you can also use punches and cutting machines).

Note: Always use a respirator when working with glass powders.

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