Branches Reversed Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Branches Reversed Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Cubist Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Cubist Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Powder Printing Screen

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Want to try the powder printing technique?  Our screens are the perfect grade and strength for use with Bullseye Glass Powders.  They can also be used with our enamels.

Choose which size you require (one supplied):


  • 20 x 15cm (Frame size is 25 x 20cm)- this is roughly A5 size
  • 29 x 29cm (Frame size is 35 x 35cm)
  • 37.5 x 27.5cm (Frame size is 45 x 45cm)

Mesh is polyester.

Please note: It is important to wear a dust mask when working with powders. Not suitable for use with Glassline pens.

When powder printing, strong colours are best, like Black 0100.08, Deep Red 0224.08, Red 0124.08, Tomato Red 0024.08, Orange Opal 0125.08, Dark Forest Green 0141.08, Jade Green 0145.08, Steel Blue Opal 0146.08, Deep Cobalt Blue 0147.08, Midnight Blue 1118.08, Aventurine Blue 1140.08, Deep Royal Purple 1128.08, Dark Rose Brown 1109.08.

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