Speciality Dichroic: Crinklized Cyan/Red on black
Red Geranium Colour Concentrate 1oz - Colours for Earth

Red Geranium Colour Concentrate 1oz - Colours for Earth

Speciality Dichroic: Crinklized Cyan/Red on black

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CBS Special Edition: Crinklized Cyan/Red on Black.

Fires to a bright colour with a crinklized texture. This dichroic is sure to add a dazzling uniqueness to your glass design. 

This exclusive dichroic coating fuses rough with a brilliant coloured coarse texture. When fusing with the coating exposed or capped, the surface crinkles and crystalises, profusely sending thousands of minature crystalline-like mirrors upwards, positining themsleves in deifferent directions. 

What is Dichroic Glass? Dichroic is a multi-layer coating placed on glass using a technical process known as thin film coating. Dichroic glass has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour; these two colours shift depending on the angle of view. The play of light together with its vibrant colour makes dichroic glass a prime tool to add interest to any kiln glass work. CBS have been manufacturing this product longer than anyone in the business and their dichroic glass is Bullseye compatible and of consistently high quality.

Quater Sheet Sizing: Quater sheets of Dichroic glass are a quater of a circle. The area of a quater sheet is around 450sq cm, which is about the same area as 4.5 10x10cm sheets. 

All our glass is CoE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description). 

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