Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz
Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz
Landscape Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Landscape Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Speedball Screen Filler 8oz

Speedball Screen Filler 8oz

Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz

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Create your very own screen printing designs with our Speedball range of Screen Drawing Fluid, Screen Filler and Speed Clean. When used together, these products give you endless opportunities to print with Bullseye Glass Powders and enamels. Works with our powder printing screens.

The Screen Drawing Fluid is painted onto the printing screen where you want the medium to pass through. Once the drawing fluid is dry, you can apply the Speedball Screen Filler across the whole screen with a squeegee – when dry, the screen filler will wash out wherever the drawing fluid was applied, giving you your screen printing image.

8oz bottle (236.5ml)

Instructions for using Speedball Drawing Fluid (included with bottle):

  1. Position screen in a horizontal elevated position.
  2. Paint the drawing fluid over areas you want to print.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Apply Speedball Screen Filler on the same side as the drawing fluid.
  5. Apply with a squeegee on one even pass coat and allow to dry.
  6. Wash the drawing fluid out with cold water,
  7. Scrub out any remaining areas of drawing fluid with a small stiff brush.
  8. Allow the screen to dry horizontally before using with Bullseye Glass Powders or enamels.

Watch this handy video tutorial on screen printing with Speedball:

Warm Glass Top TipWe strongly recommend following the instructions carefully to ensure correct results.

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