Bullseye Catalogue 13

Bullseye Catalogue 13

Mouldmaking and Casting

Mouldmaking and Casting

The Joy of Coldworking

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The Joy of Coldworking, by Johnathon Schmuck  

This book provides an extensive guide to coldworking techniques including: grinding, smoothing, and polishing blown and fused glass. Johnathon Schmuck’s The Joy of Coldworking guides the reader through a myriad of techniques and processes that ultimately seeks to fill in the gaps in documentation and knowledge of all aspects of coldworking.

Take a look at the 'See Inside' pdf (under the image to the right) to see sample pages from this book!

Processes and Techniques include:

  • Information about virtually every major piece of coldworking equipment, from belt sanders to lap wheels and from saws to glass lathes

  • Tips and techniques for hand finishing, fire polishing, drilling, and working with acid

  • Recommendations for specific equipment to purchase and use

  • Information about setting up and improving your personal coldshop

  • A history of coldworking, from ancient works such as the Portland Vase and the Cage Cup to contemporary masterpieces

  • A thorough discussion of safety principles for all machines and processes discussed

  • Aesthetic principles and approaches to coldworking

This book is illustrated with over 250 full colour photographs of processes, equipment, and works of art and is an excellent resource for anyone involved in coldworking.

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