We are B Corp Certified

We are B Corp Certified

We're proud that Warm Glass is a certified B Corp with an awesome score of 97.3

As a certified B Corp, we’re part of a global movement of pioneering companies who have committed to use business as a force for good.

Becoming a B Corp in 2022 was a big step forward for us. To be certified, every aspect of the business is analysed and verified to make sure that the business meets the highest standards of environmental and social performance.

As the first glass art supplier to become B Corp certified, we believe that together we can have a positive impact and make the world a more creative place.

The Warm Glass Team

B Corp Score


What is a B Corp?

B Corp is a global certification that assesses a business based on their environmental and social performance.

We began the process as we wanted to make a commitment to balancing profit with people and the planet. As a company we already had a lot of great values but gaining our B Corp certification pushed us to reach the highest standards of environmental and social impact. Find out more on the B Corp website.

The journey to becoming a B Corp was the perfect opportunity to focus the whole company on how to use business as a force for good. Find out more in our first ever Impact Report!

How did we score?

The process certification process has been an incredible challenge for our team, one that was started in 2020.

The B Corp assessment covers five impact areas - here's how we scored in each one:

  • Governance 17.3
  • Workers 24.4
  • Community 17.7
  • Environment 20.5
  • Customers 17.3

We achieved this as part of Creative Revolution Group, which includes Glass School and Hot Clay.



Warm Glass

Renewable Energy

Our Path to Net Zero by 2025

As part of our commitment to the planet, we're delighted to announce our official target for Carbon Net Zero is 2025, ahead of the government target of 2050.

Many aspects of our business are now Carbon Neutral, including our electricity, gas and our main courier DPD. We also generate our own electricity through our own solar panels!

We will be monitoring carbon across our business, and sharing our progress in our annual Impact Report.



"As an employee owned company, I'm delighted that our team has taken such a positive attitude about our environmental responsibility, from our solar powered operations to our zero waste.

I'm so proud of everyone at Warm Glass who continues to work incredibly hard on delivering on our mission and our values.”

Jack Tadd | Director

Jack Tadd

Our future

We're not stopping there.

Becoming a B Corp is not the destination, but it sets the standard for our future and the rest of the industry. Our certification serves as an important benchmark – another step in our journey to improving our practices and the glass art community. B Corp certified businesses need to recertify with an improved score every three years, to ensure standards are being met and progress is shown.

We have now launched our first ever Impact Report, where we share our annual progress on social and environmental goals, including our Path to Net Zero by 2025. We will continue improving sustainability throughout our business and supply chains, whilst helping to make the world a more creative place.

Follow our progress on our Facebook and Instagram page, we're always grateful for your ideas and support.

Image: Sunrise at Old Hill, Wrington, Bristol