20cm Clear and White Streaky pre-cut glass circle (2130)
Block Letters Decal 21cm x 13cm

Block Letters Decal 21cm x 13cm

0.5mm Stiff Black Opal Stringers

Bullseye Stringers: 0.5mm Stiff Black Opal

Bullseye Glass Circle: 3mm Clear and White Streaky 2130 (20cm)

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This 20cm pre-cut circle is clear and white opal streaky (2130.30).

Create bowls, plates and other circular designs with ease using our pre-cut glass circles.  Simply decorate the circle then top with a clear circle of the same size. It couldn't be easier! 

All circles are hand cut by our expert team so you can avoid breakage, avoid waste and save time. Nicely finished and ideal for use with the 8136 spherical mould. 

  • Circle Diameter: 20cm 
  • Glass thickness: 3mm

Due to their hand-cut nature, circles may occasionally have very minor points around the edge. These will simply fire out or can be easily removed with a sickle stone.

This opal is suitable for both stained glass and kiln-forming. Layer over any colour to add pale wisps and tones while retaining some transparency.

Constituent Glasses:

Clear Transparent - 1101

White Opalescent - 0113

Cold characteristics: 

May appear mostly clear with patches of thin milky white.

Working notes: 

Streaks Opalise to thin milky white upon firing. Colour may become more streaky and transparent with excessive heatwork.


The image below shows the opacity of this glass. The top half shows the unfired sheet against white and black, and the bottom half shows the full fired sheet against white and black:

Opacity of clear and white streaky glass

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).


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