20cm French Vanilla pre-cut glass circle (0137)
20cm Black Opal pre-cut glass circle (0100)

Bullseye Glass Circle: 3mm Black Opal 0100 (20cm)

Ivory Glassline Pen

Ivory Glassline Pen

Bullseye Glass Circle: 3mm French Vanilla 0137 (20cm)

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20cm French Vanilla pre-cut Bullseye glass circle (0137)

Reactive GlassCreate bowls, plates and other circular designs with ease using our pre-cut glass circles.  Simply decorate the circle then top with a clear circle of the same size. It couldn't be easier! 

All circles are hand cut by our expert team so you can avoid breakage, avoid waste and save time. Nicely finished and ideal for use with the 8136 spherical mould. 

  • Circle Diameter: 20cm 
  • Glass thickness: 3mm

Due to their hand-cut nature, circles may occasionally have very minor points around the edge. These will simply fire out or can be easily removed with a sickle stone.

A light colour which has some remarkable reactive effects and is always a great background colour. Come and experiment!



May react with:

Copper, Lead, Silver

Put the wonderful reactive powers of this glass to use.  Take a look at the 'Riot of Effects' pdf (next to the product information) for inspiration on using this glass. This image, from our 'Reactive Inclusions' class, shows the interesting effect caused by the dark interface reaction between French Vanilla and silver foil:

Silver foil on French Vanilla glass

Check out our 'How To...' guides for more information on using this and other Bullseye glass products in your work!

Cold characteristics: 

Consistent colour.

Working notes: 

A sulphur glass. May react with gold-bearing lead (1311, 1411, 0301, 0305) and copper (1116, 1408, 1417, 0144, 0145, 0146) glasses to create dark interface (lead sulphide, copper sulphide). Very viscous; will flow later and less than other glasses. Generally more sensitive to heat-history and more likely to show variation in colour after fusing than many opals. When fired on edge, a clear distinction between outside and interior surfaces is commonly seen (a variation used by designers). This glass may become increasingly white with repeated firings. Consider using glass from the same batch for a given project.


The image below shows the opacity of this glass. The top half shows the unfired sheet against white and black, and the bottom half shows the full fired sheet against white and black:

opacity of French Vanilla glass

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).
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