Bullseye Pink Confetti Opal 50g
Bullseye Cranberry Pink Confetti Transparent 50g

Bullseye Glass Confetti: Cranberry Pink 1311

Erbium Pink Tint Medium Frit 1821.02

Bullseye Glass Frit: Erbium Pink Tint Medium 1821.02

Bullseye Glass Confetti: Pink Opal 0301

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Bullseye Confetti - Pink Opal  

Paper-thin shards of glass, can be fused over or between sheets to provide random shapes and patterns or used for shading and other types of colour blending. Confetti enables you to create a massive variety of eye-catching and unique patterns within your glass work design.

A soft, slightly purple pink.

Available in 50g or 450g jars. The size of confetti can vary. Please note this product is very fragile and small breakages may occur in transit.



May react with:

Selenium, Sulphur

Working notes: 

Dark interface reaction possible with sulphur glasses (1137, 1437, 0137).

Some striking glasses like this one need to be fired slowly during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired too fast they may not strike at all or they may strike, but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast as opposed to the desired target colour.  A standard full-fuse schedule should work to strike these glasses:
Rate Temp (C) Hold
222 677 :30
333 804 :10
999 482 :60
83 371 end

For projects that are especially colour-sensitive, we recommend fusing a small sample, with a similar setup in the same kiln, to best predict final colour results.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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