Bullseye Glass Rod: Pink Opal 0301*
Erbium Pink Tint Bullseye Billet 1821

Erbium Pink Tint Bullseye Billet 1821

Bullseye Glass Rod: Light Peach Cream 0034

Bullseye Glass Rod: Light Peach Cream 0034

Bullseye Glass Rod: Pink Opal 0301*

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This colour matures to pink upon firing. It is more of a purple pink compared to Petal Pink which maintains a brighter colour after firing.

Rods can be used in torchworking and kilnforming, and add an exciting difference to glass work! Drawn from compatible Bullseye glass, each rod is approximately 42cm long and 4-6mm in diameter.

*Please note this rod colour is 'T' Grade - not recommended for kilnforming, torchwork only. 

This colour is a striker. 



May react with:

Selenium, Sulpher

Cold Characteristics:

Palest pink with a slight blue cast.

Working notes:

Torch: Strike this glass to pink by working it in the flame, then cooling it just outside of the flame and then gradually reheating it. Once struck it should be medium to dark pink while it is still hot. If the glass looks white, continue to cool and gradually reheat the glass until it strikes. The pink is easier to striker if it has been worked in a cooler flame to begin with; try to work with it farther out in the flame, away from the nozzle. When molten, this glass has a low viscosity and can be quite soft, which may result in a blurred edge where it meets other glasses.

Kiln: Not recommended for kilnforming

Looking for inspiration?  Take a look at our 'Online Education' pages to learn about working with glass.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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