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Copper Foil from Bullseye

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Bullseye Copper Foil is fantastic for adding decorative elements to the surface or interior of your fused works. As Copper will react with a number of glasses, it's important to avoid contamination by keeping copper from touching the kiln shelf, better still, use a separate shelf for fusing with metals.

  • Can be cut with scissors and placed between layers of glass.

  • It will change colour if exposed to oxygen whilst firing and a variety of results can be achieved.

  • Also available, Gold or Silver Foils in 100 gauge.

  • 25.4 microns thick

Copper foil fish and copper wire are used in this fused glass piece:

Copper foil and copper wire as inclusions in fused glass

Copper foil can create some exciting and unpredictable reactions with some sulphur-bearing glasses such as French Vanilla:

Bullseye Copper foil on French Vanilla glass
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Customer Questions
firing schedule for copper inclusions

It is a good idea to use a bubble squeeze when firing copper or other reflective inclusions. A Full fuse bubble squeeze schedule (for Bullseye glass) can be found here:

Could this be used with CoE96?

We have never tested this product with CoE96, but would recommend making a small test sample to begin with.

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