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eBook - Kim Brill: The Sheet Glass Colour Mixing Guide

eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass

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eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass
eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass eBook- Bob Leatherbarrow: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass

e-Book: Fine-Line Designs for Kilnformed Glass, by Bob Leatherbarrow

Lines are a powerful design element in art and yet creating crisp, clean and controlled lines has been a challenge for artists working with kilnformed glass. Investigate the power of lines in your glass work with renowned artist Bob Leatherbarrow in this ebook, regardless of the techniques you currently use this book will enable you to include lines to enhance any design!

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With this book you will learn how to solve the technical problems that have plagued line placement and successfully incorporate a variety of line types into your kilnformed glass designs.

The main topics covered in this book are:

  • Straight lines
  • Precise curves
  • Gestural curves

But there is also a wealth of other information including:

  • Skinny glass, or firing single layers of 3mm sheet glass to full fuse and maintaining the original shape and thickness
  • Lip wraps, the coloured rim around the edge of the bowl
  • Finishing techniques including polished edges and preventing or repairing devitrification
  • Technical information needed to understand the processes and for problem solving


  • 152 pages of clearly documented step-by-step instructions
  • 101 quality images to accompany the instructions
  • Thorough discussions on how the properties of glass, such as surface tension, impact the described techniques
  • 13 detailed firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Detailed instructions for coldworking edges and fire polishing surfaces
  • A gallery of finished artwork to illustrate the range of applications for the techniques illustrated in this book

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