Mould 8294 Deep bowl with flat base (18cm diameter)

Deep Bowl with Flat Base Mould 8294 (17cm diameter)

Star Mould SS04 (10.5 x 8cm)

Star Mould 8004 (10.5cm x 8cm)

Heart Mould 8003 (10.5cm x 8cm)

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Heart Mould  

Create a wonderful heart shaped piece with this fabulous mould. Heart is approximately 6cm across.  Try something new today!

External mould dimensions are 10.5cm x 8cm x 1.4cm. Fits in the HotStart Pro and SC2 kilns.

Bullseye Code: 8173

Fill weight is approximately 26g. This is just a guide, we recommend filling with fine frit using the instructions in the Small Pod Mould Guide.

Will this mould fit in my kiln?

Star mould also available.

We strongly recommend using ZYP Boron Nitride Spray with our casting moulds for the very best results. Primo Primer can also be used. Standard shelf primer is not suitable.

When filling the mould, pile the frit in a pyramid or dome shape so the centre of the mould is filled higher than the edges. This helps the correct flow of glass during firing, lowering the risk of the glass 'grabbing' the mould sides as it fires:

Filling a glass casting mould

Firing Schedule:

This schedule is a guideline and you should adjust it to suit your particular kiln, or for different thicknesses of glass. By lowering the temperature to 720°C the piece will shrink less and have a rougher ‘Sugary’ look.:

Segment Rate (C/hr) Temp. Hold
1 222C 677C :30
2 333C 804C :10
3 999 482C 1:00
4 83C 371C :00

Please note that all our moulds are hand-made and therefore the dimensions may vary slightly from those shown. Mould manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to 2cm. 

All our moulds are designed for multiple use and with care should last for many firings.

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