How To...Kilnforming Guides

How To...Kilnforming Guides


Why Bullseye Glass?

When working with glass it is important to ensure that all your glass is compatible, this means it must have the same coefficient of expansion.  Bullseye Glass is tested compatible CoE90.  Bullseye has the largest and most consistent range of fusing glass available, this is why we use Bullseye Glass in our studio and stock it on our website. Bullseye not only manufactures glass but also carries out research and education in the Bullseye Resource Centre. For more information, check out our page on which glass is best for fusing.


Studio Tips

To see our range of fusing glass, visit the Bullseye Sheet Glass section of our website.

The above technical data sheets are reproduced with thanks to the Bullseye Glass Company

Basic Information on Glass Fusing and our Glass Products and Tools

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