Lead Came: Flat H Profile 6x5mm
Lead Solder C Grade 40:60

Lead Solder C Grade 40:60

Lead Came: Flat H Profile 6x5mm

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Cascade Metals (formerly Stillemans) offer a high-quality lead came for glass artists, a great choice for both professional and hobbyists alike. Made from a very closely controlled alloy that combines a fine grain structure with high strength, these signature alloys are designed to reduce oxidation, solder easily and allow for a long shelf life without tarnishing.


Make sure to always stretch your lead before using, this help strengthen the lead came and removes any kinks that may have occurred. You should only stretch lead once so we would advise to only stretch what you need for your glass project.


Product Dimensions:


Width: 6mm

Heart: 5mm

Core: 1.2mm


Length: 1.92m


Size Options:

  • Single Came
  • 25kg Box (approx. 87 singles)


(Please note if ordering in singles your lead came with be received coiled)


WARNING: This product contains lead so is HAZARDOUS/HARMFUL to health. Do not ingest or inhale. Please wear gloves when handling this product and wash hands regularly. Do not touch face, eyes or mouth and do not consume food or drink in working area. Ensure to always work in a well-ventilated area. Please read the safety data sheet before using this product.

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