Printmaking Techniques on Glass
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Printmaking Techniques on Glass

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Printmaking Techniques on Glass, by Jody Danner Walker

Extensively illustrated with over 700 full colour photographs, Jody Danner Walker’s Printmaking Techniques on Glass is an invaluable resource for artists, crafts people, and hobbyists who want to learn how to adapt traditional printmaking techniques for use on fused glass.

Take a look at the pdf underneath the image (right) to view the Contents and Index for this book!

In addition to offering a brief history of each technique discussed, Printmaking Techniques on Glass discusses contemporary applications and adapts the technique for use in the glass kiln. Detailed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations guide the reader through each technique.

• Three different photo transfer techniques.

• Screen printing with both traditional screens and with PhotoEZ screens. Both photographic and non-photographic methods are demonstrated.

• Relief printing, from carving the initial block to transferring the carved image to glass.

• Two different methods of resist printing on glass.

• Etching with both a sandblaster and with a mild acid.

• Engraving with both diamond bits and with wheels.

• Creating unique one-of-a-kind monoprints using common objects.

• Using the solarplate as a way to print on glass.

• An overview of vitreography, the process of using glass plates as the matrix for printing on paper.

• Extensive instructions for mixing, applying, drying, and firing glass enamels.

In addition to troubleshooting sections for the techniques, Printmaking Techniques on Glass offers alternative applications and uses where appropriate. Topics such as Health and Safety and Firing Schedules, are also covered.

Whatever your interest and experience level, from beginner to experienced professional, Printmaking Techniques on Glass is an indispensable guide to learning new ways to express yourself in glass.


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