Bullseye Silver Foil
Copper Foil from Bullseye

Copper Foil from Bullseye

Sparkle Silvery White Mica Powder 30g

Sparkle Silvery White Mica Powder 30g

Silver Foil from Bullseye

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This very very thin 98% pure silver foil can have interesting effects when layered between pieces of glass. Silver will produce exciting and unpredictable reactions with Reactive Ice Clear, Reactive Cloud Opal and sulphur bearing glass such as French Vanilla and Red Opal, it will also stain many others. As Silver will react with a number of glasses, it's important to avoid contamination by keeping silver from touching the kiln shelf, better still, use a separate shelf for fusing with metals.

  • Sheet size is 23.5cmx23.5cm.

  • 3.5 microns thick

  • 98% pure silver

  • The content rate of the Bullseye silver foil is higher than sterling silver.

  • Silver foil will react with clear 1101 and therefore whenever possible you should use crystal clear 1401.

Try out the reaction of silver foil with Bullseye French Vanilla powder. Or use with the Bullseye Alchemy glasses - see the Alchemy Metallic Palette tipsheet for information on this reactive combination.

Please note due to the delicate nature of silver foil there may be small tears in the side of the square.

Experiment with reactive glasses and expect variation!  Here the dark interface reaction between the silver foil and red opal, capped with clear, creates interest in the piece:



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