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Replacement Tips for Small Metal Running Pliers

Replacement Tips for Small Metal Running Pliers

Skutt Refractory Cement

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This is a water-based cement capable of withstanding high temperatures, useful for minor repairs to brick kilns.  The finish is the same grey as the Skutt Kiln lids and makes your kiln look like new.

Pot size: 1kg.

To use: 

  • Make sure the surface you are applying the cement to is dry and free from debris.  You may need to lightly sand the surface to make it even first.

  • Decant the required amount of cement into a clean container (with an opening large enough to dip a broad brush into).

  • Thin the cement down with a little water (so that it is easy to paint a thin layer) and mix well.

  • Brush on a thin layer with a broad paint brush and finish by dabbing with a slightly damp sponge.  

  • Only apply one thin layer, as a thicker application may lead to the cement cracking when the kiln is fired.  If you do need to apply another layer, make sure the initial layer is completely dry first. 

  • Do not fire the kiln until the cement is completely dry - we would recommend waiting at least 24 hours, longer in cold or wet climates.

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