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Stainless Steel Deep Curve Mould
Stainless Steel Deep Curve Mould Stainless Steel Deep Curve Mould
Stainless Steel Casting Ring

Stainless Steel Casting Ring

Lavender Grey Tint Bullseye Billet 1964

Lavender Grey Tint Bullseye Billet 1964

Stainless Steel Deep Curve Mould

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These deep curve moulds are perfect to slump your glass projects, adding shape and depth to your design. Ideal for home decor, gifts and beautiful display pieces.

The depth of these moulds ensures that your curved glass will be able to stand freely after firing.

Primer should always be applied to the mould before slumping, we recommend Boron Nitride Spray with Stainless Steel Moulds.

Product dimensions:

  • Small -  15.5cm x 12.5cm (7cm depth, 15.5cm diameter)
  • Medium - 21.5cm x 12.5cm (9.5cm depth, 21.5cm diameter)
  • Large - 27cm x 12.5cm (11.5cm depth, 27cm diameter)

Please note: Make sure to remove any protective film or stickers from the moulds before use.

Firing Schedule:

This firing recommendation has been calculated using Bullseye Glass with a thickness of 6 mm in a Paragon GL24 kiln. 

Segment Rate (C/hr) Temp. Hold
1 167C 649C :20
2 999 482C 1:00
3 56C 371C :00


  • Small kilns may require the process temperature reducing. In the Hobbyfuser reduce the top temperature from 649C to 626C. All kilns vary, as does glass viscosity. Testing is necessary.
  • Remove the shelf when slumping in small kilns.
  • Side firing kilns may require more time in the first ramp than top firing kilns.
  • Bubbles in slumping are caused by firing too high or holding too long at process temperature.
  • Cracked moulds or cracked glass is caused by firing too fast in the first ramp or cooling too fast.
  • Devitrification on the outside of a slumped piece is caused by firing too high or holding too long at process temperature.

We recommend using our Boron Nitride Spray with this mould for an easy release.

Each mould may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process so we would always recommend cutting the glass to the size measured from the actual mould rather than relying solely on the dimensions shown.

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Customer Questions
do you pre-fire stainless steel moulds

It is a good itea to pre-fire stainless steel moulds to the draping temperature, before adding Boron Nitride and firing with the glass. This burns off any oils from the mould. Please note that the mould will discolour on firing. This is normal.

Medium deep curve mold can you place it directly on the kiln floor in the Kilncare hobby fuser ?

Yes this mould can be placed directly on the floor of your kiln. 

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