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ZYP Boron Nitride Spray

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ZYP Boron Nitride Spray 12oz. Ideal for ceramic casting moulds. Not suitable for stainless steel moulds. Can be shipped worldwide.

This high quality Boron Nitride spray has been specially formulated for glass artists, giving you a premium finish every time. The water-based release primer works perfectly for ceramic slumping and casting moulds. 

Key features:

  • This non-hazardous spray is AIR SHIPPABLE SO CAN BE SENT TO EUROPE
  • Easy release spray-on 12oz bottle
  • The best release available for texture moulds and Colour de Verre casting moulds
  • Can go to temperatures as high as 1800F

Working notes:

  • Once Boron Nitride has been used on your mould, you cannot put traditional primers such as primo on top. Use only Boron Nitride for all future firings.
  • This spray Boron Nitride is not suitable stainless steel or metal moulds.

Instructions (included on the bottle):

  • Shake vigorously until marble is heard and there is no sediment
  • Uncap and save the cap. Always start with a clean sprayer/tube and screw it onto the bottle
  • Test the sprayer on cardboard. Spray lightly (using side to side motion) on the mould and allow time to soak in and dry. Please note: This will take longer to dry than solvent based aerosols
  • Once coating is dry to touch, reapply a second coat if desired or there are bare spots
  • Wet coating can be smoothed with a small brush
  • Allow time to dry before using. Can be dried at room temperature or with a dryer
  • After use, remove sprayer and flush with water. Recap bottle with original cap
For stainless steel moulds, use our Premium or Economy Boron Nitride sprays.

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Customer Questions
I have used a casting mould for the first time and prepared using ZYP Boron nitride spray as per instructions. The cast glass has come out rough on where it has been In the mould. Am I doing something wrong? How can I remedy this problem do I need to polish fire pieces? Thank you

If the pieces are coming out rough this indicates that not quite enough boron nitride was used, you can clean the pieces off and firepolish them this will make them smooth. 

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