Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Red Reactive Clear 1019.30
Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Red Reactive Clear 1019.30 Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Red Reactive Clear 1019.30
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Bohle Glass Cleaner (Aerosol)

Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Red Reactive Clear 1019.30

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3mm red reactive clear fusing glass by Bullseye.

Reactive Glass

Want to get a reaction? This colourless clear has the potential to react with some copper-bearing glasses and silver leaf and foil. We’re still discovering their possibilities. So experiment. Document. Explore along with us.

Try fusing samples of Reactive Cloud Opal and Reactive Ice Clear sheets with Bullseye copper-bearing glasses, copper leaf, or silver leaf/silver foil. The results will not be so simple: Interface reactions may develop, ranging from subtle to dramatic, generally in an earthy, rustic colour palette.

May React With:

Copper or silver.

Cold Characteristics:

Similar appearance to 1101 (Clear Transparent), except it may include a slight tint of colour (blue to green).

Working Notes:

Easily confused with 1101. Reactive combinations have the potential to create an interface colour, which may continue to develop through multiple firings. Copper-based reactions tend to be variations of deep red to black, while silver based reactions are more likely to develop as earth tones. Reactions are generally related to the amount of copper and silver content, heatwork and surface area contact.

See pdf download for more information, tips and images, or take a look at this 'Linear Reaction Plate' project video.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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