Powder Printing Set
Powder Printing Set Powder Printing on Glass
Butterfly Meadow Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Butterfly Meadow Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Mix & Match Hearts Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Mix & Match Hearts Stencil 15cm x 15cm

Create Your Own: Powder Prints

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Printing with Glass Powder Set

Get started in Powder Printing with this specially designed kit.

Printing with Glass Powder is an economic and versatile way of introducing imagery into fused glass designs.  Passing your powders through a screen, rather than sifting them through a stencil, allows for finer detail and a clearer release.  You receive two stencils with your kit but any stencil smaller than 21 x 16cm will fit under the screen.

The Powder Printing Set includes:

  • One 21cm x 16cm Screen
  • Two Stencils
  • Screen Props
  • One Card Scraper
  • Four 15cm x 15cm 3mm Bullseye Clear Glass Pieces
  • Two 100g Jars of Coloured Bullseye Glass Powder (chosen at random from the list in the 'Tip' section below)
  • Full Instructions & Top Tips

Please note: Stencils and colours of powder included may vary from those shown in the image.

It is important to wear a dust mask when working with powders.

When powder printing, strong colours are best. Colours we recommend include Black (0100.08), Deep Red (0224.08), Red (0124.08), Tomato Red (0024.08), Orange Opal (0125.08), Dark Forest Green (0141.08), Jade Green (0145.08), Steel Blue Opal (0146.08), Deep Cobalt Blue (0147.08), Midnight Blue (1118.08), Aventurine Blue (1140.08), Deep Royal Purple (1128.08) & Dark Rose Brown (1109.08).

N.B. The screen also works with our enamels, but not with Glassline pens as they are too thin.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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