Spare pressure plates for Silberschnitt Breaking Pliers

Spare Pressure Plates for Silberschnitt Breaking Pliers

Fine Mesh Sifter (40 Mesh)

Fine Mesh Sifter (40 Mesh)

Dot and Line Applicator

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This incredibly easy to use tool, dispenses powdered glass and enamels by shaking, tapping, or for the greatest control, by moving the Coil Actuator.

With just one hand, you hold the sifter or applicator and move the coil actuator forward and backward with either your finger or thumb.

Choose between the extra fine dot and line applicator or the fine dot and line applicator depending on the speed of flow and thickness of line that you'd like to achieve.  

You can also control the volume of glass or enamel, from a gentle sprinkle to a heavy flow, by the pressure applied and the speed by which you move the coil actuator.  

This gives good flow, yet also gives you great control for shading.

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Customer Questions
Can someone please help me to decide which I need between the extra fine & fine tip? The product isn't cheap, and I am happy to buy one but I want to make sure it's the right one! How thick a line does each create? Or is it a case of if I bought the extra fine it just takes longer to create the same thicker line/dot that the fine creates? Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello  The video in the product information shows the fine tip being used with glass powder. We recomend using the extra fine if you want a finer line or if you are using enamels. 

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