Fine Mesh Sifter (40 Mesh)
Fibre Paper, 3mm

Fibre Paper, 3mm

Tangerine Orange Opal Powder 0025.08

Bullseye Glass Frit: Tangerine Orange Opal Powder 0025.08

Fine Mesh Sifter (40 Mesh)

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This easy to use tool dispenses glass powders by shaking, tapping, or for the greatest control, by moving the Coil Actuator.

For fine powders like copper oxide, mica and enamels, we recommend the Extra Fine Mesh Sifter (60 Mesh) which has a slightly smaller mesh size.

With just one hand, you hold the Sifter or Applicator and move the Coil Actuator forward and backward with either your finger or thumb.

You easily control the volume of glass or enamel, from a gentle sprinkle to a heavy flow, by the pressure applied and the speed you move the Coil Actuator.


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Customer Questions
What is the size of the sifter ?

The sifter head is 18mm wide and 25mm deep the mesh is 40

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