20cm Canary Yellow Opal Striker Pre-Cut Glass Circle (0120)

Bullseye Glass Circle: 3mm Canary Yellow Opal Striker 0120 (20cm)

Bullseye Glass Orchid Frit Collection

Bullseye Glass Orchid Frit Collection

Inclusion Pens

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Ranger Perfect Pens - Set of Two Pens. Makes working with mica a pleasure!

These inclusion pens are an easy way to add hand drawn patterns or writing to your work, with a dazzling metallic and pearlescent finish.

Simply use the pens to draw or write your desired pattern, then sprinkle mica powder over the top. After firing, you’ll have your own design or personalisation with a fantastic metallic finish.  Works with copper oxide too (capped).

  • Set includes 1 brush tip pen and 1 bullet tip pen.
  • Pens are 14cm in length.
  • Acid Free/Non Toxic

Warm Glass Tip The ink comes out clear so it is best to trace design through transparent glass. Sprinkle with mica and dust over with a soft dry brush. Fire to a tack fuse. For the crispest result fire uncapped but can be capped if needed.


Try using it with a stencil for crisp, intricate designs.

Alternative Ideas: You can also draw on glass using the gold firing pen or you can experiment drawing with powders using the Powder Pro 3.

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Customer Questions
Once fried, are they water resistant or wash resistant?

Yes they are wash resistant however not particularly hard wearing so i would only recommend this technique for decorative rather than functional projects. 

I used mica on bullseye transparent and Wismach irid. Fired it upside down at 752C. Uncapped. After firing the mica washed away. Please advice. Thanks

Our tests were with Bullseye, non-iridised. Uncapped mica with the inclusion pens will stick at tack or full fuse face up, although some traces of mica will wash away. We would recommend capping for food bearing or working objects for this reason. Mica does not naturally fuse into glass and so the pen is doing all this work. If you are firing the mica against the kiln shelf or onto the irid side then this might cause the problem. I would cap the glass, or try dusting a thin layer of clear powder over the mica and fire to fire polish (around 775C). 

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