Inland Kristall 2000S Glass Grinder
Safety Goggles: Economy Clear

Safety Goggles: Economy Clear

Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Garnet Red Striker Transparent 1322.30

Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Garnet Red Striker Transparent 1322.30

Inland Kristall 2000S Glass Grinder

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Glass Grinder - Inland Kristall 2000S

The Kristall 2000S Glass Grinder is a highly reliable and affordable workhorse, making it our bestselling grinder by far. The size, design and power makes it the perfect studio machine for glass artists, big enough to handle all your glass grinding needs.

The Kristall 2000S has the same powerful motor as the Kristall 1S, but with the added benefit of a Pump Cooling System – propelling the water around the machine. 

Your Kristall 2000S will come with a 2 Year Warranty and is certified CE compliant, meaning you're in safe hands. We regularly use this powerful machine in our studio - even after several years it remains an absolutely essential piece of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Powerful .353 N-m motor makes it the most powerful glass grinder in its class.
  • Premium double ball-bearing motor construction.
  • Large 235mm x 280mm work surface.
  • Comes with a Centrifugal Cooling System for sponge-less glass grinding.
  • 100 grit 19mm grinding head included.
  • Can be used with most Inland grinder bits including 25mm (1") if desired.
  • Many optional accessories will also work with the Kristall machines.
  • Two Year Full Confidence Warranty.
  • Certified CE compliant.


  • Construction: Injection moulded plastic
  • Voltage: 240V
  • RPM / UPM: 2970 idle, ~2500 at peak torque 
  • Maximum Torque: 0.353 N-m / 50 oz-in 
  • Frequency: 50Hz 
  • Maximum Horse Power: 1/8 HP 
  • Watts In: 74 idle, 190 load 
  • Watts Out (at peak torque): 92 
  • Thermal Protection: Yes

Supplied with:

  • Kristall 2000S Grinder Body
  • Work Surface
  • Splash Guard
  • 100 grit 19mm Grinder Bit
  • 19mm and 25mm BitSert
  • Allen Key
  • User Guide
  • UK Standard 3-pin Plug

Other information:

It is important to wear protective glasses when using this glass grinder. No sponge is required in the reservoir.

Warm Glass TipWe recommend placing this unit on a large plastic tray or waterproof surface to contain water spray.  Add a small amount of Vaseline or similar to the shaft to prevent the grinding head from ceasing.


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Customer Questions
Might be a stupid question but.....why are there two Bitsert inserts? is it to accomodate different sized bits?

Yes, it is to accomodate different sized bits.

Do tabletop grinders create much dust?

No, these grinders use water to cool the grinding bit, the water also traps most of the ground glass material and is collected in the reservoir of the machine. 

Can I use the 2000S grinder to grind puddled glass about 8 sheets of 3mm? Thank you

Yes the 2000s grinder will work for your 3 mm pieces of glass

How big does the glass need to be to use on the grinder (I.e. can you use it to tidy up very small pieces of glass for mosaics?)? Thank you!

Yes, you can use the grinder to clean up small mosaic pieces from 3 cm 

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