Modelling Glass Starter Kit
Modelling Glass Starter Kit Modelling Glass Starter Kit Modelling Glass Starter Kit Modelling Glass Starter Kit Modelling Glass Starter Kit
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Modelling Glass Starter Kit

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Take your glass art to new levels, with endless design possibilities!

Modelling Glass transforms powdered glass into a firm, non-stick material similar to clay that can be hand-sculpted to create unique glass pieces without needing the use of moulds or freezing techniques.

Work with Modelling Glass in many of the same ways you would work with clay – roll into coils, roll into flat sheets and cut out shapes or press into silicone moulds. When fired to tack-fuse temperatures it will hold an amazing amount of textural detail. It can be thinned with water and used to create beautiful palette-knife textures. Combine colours to make your own blends.

Before firing, dry Modelling Glass shapes can be sanded, carved, and otherwise modified, virtually eliminating the need for extensive cold working after firing.

During firing, the binder and medium will burn away, and do not affect the compatibility of the glass. Even at full-fuse temperatures, colours remain true.

The Modelling Glass Starter Kit includes:

  • 100g (3.5 oz.) Jar of Powdered Binder
  • 60ml (2 fl. oz.) Bottle of Liquid Medium
  • Easy to follow instructions

The Modelling glass comes with full instructions and firing schedule. The the schedule is:

Rate - Temp - Hold
167°c/hr – 690°c – 10min
999°c/hr – 482°c – 1:00hr
56°c/hr – 371°c – 0

Each kit makes over 3 pounds of modelling glass and is compatible with all CoE90 glass. The unique formula contains non-toxic, food-grade ingredients.

Please note: You must combine the ingredients in the order described in the instructions to ensure correct results.

A special note about working with white: The best white is achieved using Bullseye Opaque White 0013.08. A much longer hold and a slightly higher temp matures the white much better. The slightly higher temp of 718°c with a 1 hour hold is the right approach. If you are after the super-white look, then try making the hold even longer. Loss of detail in the texture is minimal even at 718°c. 

Warm Glass Tip Why not experiment with our Powder Frit Collection to get started?

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Can you use this in a microwave kiln.

We have not tested this product in a microwave kiln but I would have thought it would be fine.

Can you use glassline paint with this?

you can but I think enamels and colours for earth paints work better. 

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