Water Based Mixing Medium
Dust Mask, Professional (by 3M)

Dust Mask, Professional (by 3M). Includes Filter Set

Powder Printing Screen

Powder Printing Screen

Water Based Mixing Medium

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We recommend this water based mixing medium for mixing the enamels.

  • Mixing ratio 100: approx 50-60 parts by weight (colour:medium). 

  • For fusing the colours must be applied thicker than is normal.

  • The layers done by brush application should be double the normal thickness. If the colours are applied to the substrate by sprinkling or powdering then a dust mask must be worn.

  • This water based medium is highly recommended if screen printing or when using enamels on a large scale as some people may find the smell of the oil based medium overpowering.

Warm Glass Tip

We often get asked the differences in use between the water based and oil based mixing mediums:

Water based mixing medium - An easy to use medium for mixing enamels to use for printing, with a quick drying time. It is water soluble making clean-up easy. Good for quick, one-off prints.

Oil based mixing medium - This has a slow drying time, which is useful for mixing enamels for printing especially when printing large batches when you do not want the medium to dry in the screen for silk screen printing process. Needs to be cleaned up using white spirit as it is not water soluble.  Can also be used to print onto decal paper to create your own decals. 

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Customer Questions
Is this mixing medium suitable for adding to ready mixed screeneasy enamel that has thickened over time?

Yes, you can use this medium for the ready mixed screenline enamel

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