Proudly Employee Owned

Proudly Employee Owned

What is Employee Ownership?

Warm Glass became Employee Owned in 2021, underpinning our ethos of putting people first and giving creative influence to the people at the forefront of our business.

For a company to become 'employee owned', at least 51% of the business is acquired by an Employee Ownership Trust. The trust distributes these shares to the employees, avoiding the need for each employee to have their own personal shareholding. All employees automatically become co-owners by becoming a beneficiary of the trust, having a significant and meaningful stake in the business. The employee ownership model is gathering movement with over 730 UK businesses. Other well-known employee owned businesses include John Lewis, Aardman Animations and Riverford Organics!

Why did we become Employee Owned?

"Having built up the company for over 20 years, we were always mindful of the need to plan for its future stability and development, and who better to ‘hand the reins over’ to than the progressive, ambitious team that have joined us along the journey so far. This amazing group of co-owners have the skills and knowledge of both the company and the industry to take us forward into the next exciting phase of growth and development."

Pippa & Simon, Founders & Co-owners


What does it mean to our Co-owners?


"For me, it means being more involved in the future of the business so it is great to have an impact on decisions and know my opinion can make difference. The profit share bonus we receive is also a big incentive to make positive changes."

Procurement Manager


"Working for an Employee Owned company gives me a sense of pride and unity, it is empowering to know my voice is valued."

Finance Assistant


"I feel really valued as part of the team, and like that I can share my opinion as a co-owner. The profit share at the end of the year is great too!"

Customer Service Co-ordinator


"It really brings the individuals and teams closer together. By having a voice in the company, we are able to improve our own working environments. The values of being employee owned help us shine and work confidently."

Production Assistant