Holly Berry Tealight Project

Holly Tealight Holders

Materials we Used


Breaking confetti
1) Break up the Light Aventurine Confetti into smaller pieces, this is best done by snapping it with your fingers. Be careful though, as the smaller pieces can be sharp.
arranging confetti and frit
2) Arrange the small confetti pieces on top taking care to leave the centre clear as this will be where your candle sits.

3) Place pieces of the Red Transparent Coarse Frit on top, grouping together in pairs or threes to look like berries. Again, take care to leave the centre clear.
Tealight schedule 1
4) Fire the piece according to this tack fuse schedule.
place blank over prop
5) Centre the Fibre Paper disk on top of the circular shelf prop. Pro tip – if you kiln wash the fibre paper with Bullseye shelf primer it will give a smoother finish on your glass.

6) Centre your fired glass on top of the fibre paper and place in the kiln.
holly tealight firing schedule 2
7) Fire according to this schedule. You may have to reduce or extend the hold time in segment 1 if you find the glass has not slumped to the position you want. 
holly tealight slump
8) The glass should slump like this over the post, but not so far that it grips the post. If that happens, turn it upside down and refire on the slump to flatten it, then try again with a shorter hold time in segment 1. 


Finished Project

Holly Tealight with candle



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