SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder
SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder
Clear Coat Overglaze 8oz

Clear Coat Overglaze 8oz

Safety Gloves: Cut Resistant

Safety Gloves: Cut Resistant

SilkeMat Rigidizer Powder

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Mix your own SilkeMat ® Rigidizer Powder to create rigid and reusable moulds of the highest quality and performance!


Formulated to work with the SilkeMat ® Fibre Blanket, this non-flammable and non- hazardous rigidizer will create a strong and reusable mould to use for many firings.


Production information:


  • Easy-to-follow instructions, simply mix with clean water (distilled water is recommended)
  • 450g powder makes 1.89 litres rigidizer liquid
  • 946ml Rigidizer Liquid will cover approx. 2-3 square feet of SilkeMat ®

    Full mixing instruction are available as a PDF download






    The Rigidizer cures at 788°C for pot melts and vitrigraph moulds. It can even be used to solidify just the outer shell of the SilkeMat® mould to retain a soft, release-free interior for glass slumping. Properly prepared and fired, all SilkeMat® moulds are usually reusable.

    When using the Rigidizer, you may skip the pre-fire instructions for the SilkeMat® Fibre Blanket.


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