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Free Courses

Working with Powders Working with Powders on Sheet Glass - Learn about the tools and techniques involved and will get a broad overview of the ways glass powder can be used in art and design.
Glass Fusing Basics Course Fusing Basics - Learn to fuse together layers of glass in a kiln while exploring glass as a unique art-making material.
Pattern Bar: Segment Slab Pattern Bar: Segment Slab - Learn how to create a segment slab, cut it into cross-sectional pieces to reveal the internal pattern, and use the cross-sectional pieces to design and make finished work.
Fused Glass Plate Linear Reaction Plate - Step-by-step project demonstrating basic plate-making and glass-cutting principles and how special colours and effects can be achieved.
Fusing Glass Course Artists Drawing with Glass - Four glass artists show the techniques they employ to create beautiful drawings.
What is fusing glass What is Glass? - Learn about the basic properties of glass, the types of art glass and their uses, and how glass is made at Bullseye Glass Company.
Kiln Glass Course The Art of Kiln-glass - Explore a variety of finished pieces by contemporary artists working in kiln-glass.
What is kiln glass What is Kiln-Glass? - Learn about the different objects you can create in a kiln and the varied techniques you can use.
Glass Cutting Glass Cutting - Learn how to clean glass properly to avoid problems caused by surface contamination.
Glass Cleaning Glass Cleaning - Learn how to clean glass properly to avoid problems caused by surface contamination.
Preparing Kiln Shelves Preparing Kiln Shelves - Hot glass will adhere to kiln shelves if not prevented by a separator. Learn how to use Bullseye Shelf Primer, an affordable and highly effective separator.
Choosing Kilnforming Glass Choosing Kilnforming Glass - Deciding which type of glass to use for your kilnforming projects.
Kiln-glass in Architectural Settings Kiln-glass in Architectural Settings - Example of Kiln-glass used as architectural features such as lighting, furniture, staircases and public art.
Artists at Work- Miguel Unson Artists at Work: Miguel Unson - Artist Miguel Unson demonstrates his signature “Zen Organico” approach using glass stringers.

Subscriber Lessons

Bullseye Glass offers an annual membership of just US$45 per year which enables you to enjoy immediate online access to the complete library of more than 100 online lessons, with more added to the program regularly throughout the year. Lessons last about 10-15 minutes and can be viewed as often as you like, from any location using your personal online login details. Each lesson has three parts: a synopsis, the video, and a section for firing schedules and other helpful info.

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The current library of online lessons is extensive and expanding all the time. Here is a sample of the topics covered:

  • Beating Bubbles
  • Working with Drop Out Moulds
  • Colour Reactions and Special Effects
  • Dealing with Devitrification
  • Drawing with Glass
  • Using Foils with Kiln Glass
  • Kiln Carving
  • Screen Printing with Enamels
  • Making Part Sheets
  • Glass Cutting
  • Powder Printing
  • Why Did It Break?
  • Bringing Home Your New Kiln
  • Kiln Operation
  • Vitrigraph Stringer
  • Slumping Basics
  • Tint Tone Plate
  • Working with Powders on Sheet
  • Working with Stringer
  • Heatwork and Frit
  • Coldworking with the Wet Belt Sander
  • Colour Reactions and Special Effects

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