We reward loyalty, every day of the year

Save up to 20% on our huge range of Bullseye Glass, Accessory Glass and CBS Dichroic with our Warm Glass Loyalty Discounts, based on annual spend.

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BronzeBronze Discount

Spend £1,000 with us and receive 5% discount


SilverSilver Discount

Spend £2,000 with us and receive 10% discount

GoldGold Discount

Spend £3,000 with us and receive 15% discount


PlatinumPlatinum Discount

Spend £4,000 with us and receive 20% discount


What's included in my Loyalty Discount?


*We offer a maximum of 10% discount on Bullseye Tekta (Clear & White) to keep prices as low as possible for you.

Maximum Discounts on Promotions:

MultiBuy Discounts (Loyalty, Promotional, MultiBuy or other) are not combined, and the highest discount will automatically be applied at checkout. For example, if the Loyalty Discount is 20% and the promotional discount is 25%, then the total discount applied at the checkout will be 25%.

See more of our discount schemes on our Discounts page.

Loyalty discounts are reviewed periodically, and your discount may be lowered or removed if your spend falls below our criteria. Warm Glass UK reserves the right to change discount levels, remove discounts, or alter the discount programme without prior notice at any time.